ReportPlus v7.9 Multipiattaforma

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ReportPlus v7.9 Multipiattaforma

Messaggioda AMIGASYSTEM » gio lug 23, 2020 12:41 pm

Author: James Jacobs

ReportPlus: Nuova versione di Report+, una Multi Utility freeware ReAction-based per OS3.9 BB2, OS4, MOS con molte funzioni utili tutte da provare !

ReportPlus v7.9: Download (Tutte le versioni)

1. It is a friendly, enhanced replacement for the official Commodore bug
reporting tool (V40.2), optionally sending emails automatically.
2. It can generate/edit Aminet-style and OS4Depot-style readmes.
3. It can edit A3000/A4000-type battery-backed memory.
4. It can access the official manufacturer and product ID registries.
5. It can view IFF/RIFF files and their component chunks.
6. It can perform batch processing on icons.
7. It can convert between various ASCII formats.
8. It can show directory byte usage for any path, optionally also
fixing protection bits and/or deleting files.
9. It can take a snapshot of a path and later compare the
path against this, showing added, missing and changed files.
Immagine - AfA One - AfA One PPC - AROS One x86 - AROS One 68K - WinUAE OS 4.1 -

Amiga 4000/Cyberstorm MK II/060/Picasso RAM 6MB Kick 3.1
Amiga 1200/030 Ram 16 Mega HD 500 MB
Amiga 1200/040 Ram 32 Mega HD 500 MB
Amiga 600 HD 20 MB
Amiga 600 Doppio Kickstart 2.05-1.3
Amiga 500 Plus Doppio Kickstart 204-1.3
Amiga 500
CD32/SX-32 MK1 RAM 8 MB HD 4G
CD32 Standard
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Re: ReportPlus v7.9 Multipiattaforma

Messaggioda amiwell79 » dom lug 26, 2020 4:40 pm

nel pacchetto c'è inclusa una versione aggiornata della powerpci.library che serve ad amithlon :annu:
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