Dir Me Up v3.96

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Dir Me Up v3.96

Messaggioda AMIGASYSTEM » sab giu 01, 2019 3:23 pm

Dir Me Up: Programma commerciale per per la gestione dei file su OS 4.1, l'applicazione consente di navigare su Hard Disk chiavette USB, CD tramite pulsanti, filtri e anteprime, cronologia di navigazione e molto altro ancora. Dir Me Up consente inoltre di eseguire sui file numerose funzioni come visualizzare, tagliare, copiare, incollare, rinominare, commentare, gestire gli attributi e molto altro.

Dir Me Up: Download
Dir Me Up v3.96: Tutorial Video

- Customizable GUI.
- Browsing history.
- Current path available at each level via buttons.
- Choice of informations to be displayed (icon, name, size, date, type, extension, rights, comments).
- Various sorts (name, size, date, type, extension, rights, comments).
- Possible filter on filenames.
- Preview images, icons, "text" files, volumes and drawers sizes.
- List or icon view (thumbnails).
- Internal viewer included.
- Customizable display of .info files and drawers at the top of the list.
- Archive content browsing.
- Persistent selection or not.
- Cut/copy/paste/duplicate files, directories and links.
- Interactions with the Workbench: Drag'n'drop, WBInfo window, opening a location, ...
- Two progress bars during processes with the speed and remaining time displayed.
- Fast, multicriteria, memorizable search.
- Renaming (homogeneous or heterogeneous), comment, flag, archiving (lhA, LZX, zip and 7-Zip) of files and drawers.
- Delete one or more files, directories or links.
- Creation of drawers, with or without icon.
- Application of (Arexx, Shell, Python) scripts or 3rd-party programs on files and drawers.
- Most actions are possible on several files.
- Up to 5 customizable buttons (image, action).
- Interconnection with pictures viewer, source and text editor, word processing, spreadsheet, web, music and video software (among Amicygnix software).
- Effective ergonomics: icons, contextual menu and keyboard shortcuts.
- Bookmarks management.
- Ringhio notifications.
- Software updates download.
- ...
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Re: Dir Me Up v3.96

Messaggioda Capitanvideo » lun giu 03, 2019 12:46 pm

Ho visto il video, sembra davvero un ottimo file manager.

Quasi quasi....
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