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AmiArcadia v24.58

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AmiArcadia: Disponibile la nuova versione del Multi-Emulator per OS3.5/3.9 OS4 e MOS.

Macchine Emulate:

The Emerson Arcadia 2001 console family (Bandai, Emerson, Grandstand, Intervision, Leisure-Vision, Leonardo, MPT-03, Ormatu, Palladium, Poppy, Robdajet, Tele-Fever, Tempest, Tryom, Tunix, etc.) (1982);
The Interton VC 4000 console family (Acetronic, Fountain, Hanimex, Interton, Prinztronic, Radofin, Rowtron, Soundic, Voltmace, Waddington, etc.) (c. 1978);
The Elektor TV Games Computer (1979);
PIPBUG-based machines (EA 77up2, EA 78up5, Signetics Adaptable Board Computer, Eurocard 2650, etc.) (c. 1977-1978);
The Signetics Instructor 50 trainer (1978);
The Central Data 2650 computer (1977);
The Astro Wars, Cat and Mouse, Galaxia, and Laser Battle coin-ops by Zaccaria (1979-1982);
The Malzak 1 and 2 coin-ops by Kitronix (c. 1980);
The Chaos 2 computer (1983);
The Dolphin trainer (1977);
The PHUNSY computer (c. 1980); and
AY-3-8550-based Pong systems (c. 1976).

Features include:

ReAction GUI
load/save snapshots, windowed and full-screen modes,
CPU tracing
Drag and drop support
Graphics scaling
Automatic load/save of configuration/game,
Keyboard/joystick/gamepad/paddle/mouse/trackball support
Turbo mod
Sprite demultiplexing
Help windows
Source code
Frame skipping
Redefinable keys
Save screenshots (4 supportedformats)
ARexx port
Betwork play (IPv4 and IPv6)
Real-time monitor
Locale support
Game selection sidebar, text-to-speech, printer output,
Support for ZIPped games
Clipboard support
Palette editor

AmiArcadia v24.58 OS3.5/3.9 Download

AmiArcadia v24.58 OS4 Download

AmiArcadia v24.57 MOS Download
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