EvenMore v091 x OS3/OS4/MOS

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EvenMore v091 x OS3/OS4/MOS

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EvenMore: Freeware Textviewer per OS3, OS4 and MorphOS


- Plugin system for viewing many different file types, such as AmigaGuide,
HTML, WordWorth, MSWord, RTF, directories, etc.
- Supports ANSI escape code sequences for text formatting, including full
colour text for certain file types.
- Extended set of ANSI escape code sequences for additional font styles.
- True colour text rendering on systems with graphics cards.
- Links are clickable in HTML, AmigaGuide, directories and other file types
- Drag and drop files on the window to open them.
- ARexx port for remote control.
- Search function.
- Configurable menus for frequently used documents.
- Clipboard support.
- Locale support.
- Unlimited bookmarking system

EvenMore v091 OS3: Download
EvenMore v091 OS4: Download
EvenMore v091 MOS: Download
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