GoADF v1.1

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GoADF v1.1

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GoADF: Nuovo strumento Shareware che permette di gestire le immagini ADF su un vero AMiGA

Download & Info

Main features of GoADF
Reading information about the ADF file through reading and interpretation of all types of Amiga’s disks blocks OFS/FFS:
- Is bootable
- Type of filesystem (OFS / FFS (INTL/DC/LNFS))
- Disk label
- Dates of modification and creation disk
- Disk size
- Disk usage

- Module to create ADF files "Disk to ADF"
- Option to verify disk writing
- Options to configure screen and fonts
- Option to configure work directories
- Button "Refresh dir"
- Window for dates view
- Support for the project icons of ADF files

File exploration mode –(only ADF from DOS disks)- allows to browse the content of the files in ADF file, similarly to the file manager apps. Also, details about files and folders (type, date, size and properties) are viewed. It is possible to enter deep into folder’s structure and extract the files directly from ADF file to the hard disk.

Block exploration mode – based on disk editors, allows to browse content of the ADF file, block after block – each block of the disk is presented as HEX and ASCII board.

ADF files to physical disks recording mode - intuitive GUI with drive choice and disc formatting options. The operation is presented on the original graphical and logical floppy disk image (based on XCopy).

ADF files to one of four virtual drives (ADO to AD3) mounting mode – allows to mount DOS and NDOS disks to the virtual drives. In this way ADF files appear to the operating system as normal disks put into the disk drive, from where they can be operated, for example, by the Directory Opus.

In order to operate virtual drives, adf.device packet is being used, with the permission of the author - Bjørn Fuglsang. The packet (included in GoADF!) is also available at: http://bfugl.dk/Download.asp

Quick access to all ADF files in one folder – easy access to ADF stored on the hard disk by uploading the list of ADF files from the selected folder to the list in GoADF! app.

App Requirements
Any Amiga 68k with:

CPU 68000 (68020+ is needed to use virtual drives)
Kickstart 2.0+
reqtools.library v38+ (download it from Aminet)
Immagine - AfA One - AfA One PPC - AROS One x86 - AROS One 68K - WinUAE OS 4.1 -

Amiga 4000/Cyberstorm MK II/060/Picasso RAM 6MB Kick 3.1
Amiga 1200/030 Ram 16 Mega HD 500 MB
Amiga 1200/040 Ram 32 Mega HD 500 MB
Amiga 600 HD 20 MB
Amiga 600 Doppio Kickstart 2.05-1.3
Amiga 500 Plus Doppio Kickstart 204-1.3
Amiga 500
CD32/SX-32 MK1 RAM 8 MB HD 4G
CD32 Standard
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