Amiga OS4: Enhancer Software v1.3

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Amiga OS4: Enhancer Software v1.3

Messaggioda AMIGATV » gio lug 20, 2017 2:06 pm

Nuovo aggiornamento del pacchetto Enhancer Software arrivata alla versione v1.3. Ecco le novità di questa nuova versione:

V1.3 is the third major update to the Enhancer Software package in the last year and is the most ambitious release to date. It introduces a host of new features, utilities and updates which further enhance the AmigaOS experience.

As with the earlier V1.2 release the new update delivers three distinct feature rich editions:

* The Plus Edition with latest advanced RadeonHD v2.22 graphic drivers, Warp3D Nova v1.41, OpenGL ES 2.0 v1.15 and the full Workbench CANDI package.

* The Standard Edition with the latest RadeonHD v1.21 graphics drivers, Warp3D Nova v1.41, OpenGL ES 2.0 v1.15 and a reduced subset of four Workbench CANDI backdrops.

* The Special Edition version for older AmigaOne and compatible models, including Classic PowerPC and PowerPC emulation.

New in the Plus & Standard Enhancer Software editions:

* RadeonHD drivers v2.22 & v1.21 now support UHD 4K screenmodes on HDMI 1.3+ monitors.
* Warp3D Nova & Warp3D Nova SI library v1.41 with 4K Warp3D Nova demo.
* OpenGLES library v1.15.

New features included in all three editions:
* Updater utility: keep your Enhancer Software and AMIStore purchases fully up to date.
* AmiSphere Server & Preferences to control AMIStore logins and passwords.
* USB PTP driver with iOS support.
* New Gadgets classes: ListViewer, Thumblist and Anim.
* Animated icons in Ringhio Notifications Server supporting new Anim gadget class.
* TuneNet now supports Shoutcast v2 API and animated notifications during station scanning & playback.
* New Libraries: Codesets, Z and EXIF.
* Multiviewer now supports EXIF lib with added snapshot function and auto JPEG image rotation.
* New SystemReboot command.

Updates included in all editions:
* Time, Sound, Notification preferences and Format command.
* MultiEdit, Clock, Calendar, Exchanger and X-Dock utilities.
* Clock and SliderBar Gadget Classes.
* InfoWindow Class.
* MPEGA and WAV Datatypes.

- Amiga 1200 commodore - Hardital: TQM68030 50mhz 68882 16 mb - wifi - hd sd 4 gb wb 3.1

- Commodore 64c + floppy

- Commodore 64 prima versione non funzionante :(

- Sistema Aros - Pentium 4 2.4 ghz - ati 9600 xt 128mb - 768 ddr mb - hd 40 gb - Icaros desktop
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Re: Amiga OS4: Enhancer Software v1.3

Messaggioda ikir » sab lug 22, 2017 12:12 am

Molto interessante il supporto 4K e anche l’auto jpeg rotation se ho ben capito a cosa serve
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