Rilancio del sito di Amiga Future

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Rilancio del sito di Amiga Future

Messaggioda ikir » lun set 09, 2019 3:28 pm

Esattamente 20 anni fa la pagina web di Amiga Future fu pubblicata online, adesso è uno dei siti Amiga con più contenuti. Oggi viene lanciata una nuova versione del sito, di seguito l'annuncio:
Amiga Future Webpage 20 years relaunch

On 09.09.99 the Amiga Future webpage went online for the first time.
At that time, the webpage barely had content and only a few visitors daily.

Meanwhile, the Amiga Future Webpage has become one of the biggest websites for
the Amiga.

In addition to thousands of games and user downloads (including hundreds of
commercial titles), the Amiga Future webpage is home to one of the largest
cheats collections for the Amiga.

But also several thousand reviews, previews and other articles about the Amiga
you can read for free on the Amiga Future webpage.

Many sold-out Amiga Future issues are also available on the webpage for free.

Of course you are always up to date with the news and calender about the

The news section is currently being expanded.

We are looking for helpers the news and other areas of the homepage.
If anyone wants to help, please write us.

After 20 years the time has come and we have reworked the complete Amiga
Future webpage.

Of course, some mistakes may have crept in. If you discover any, please let us

Unfortunately, the passwords of the accounts could not be transferred to the
new page by all users.
If you receive an error when logging in, please request a new password from
the webpage.

Have fun with the new homepage of the Amiga Future.
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