DisplayInfo v1.1 OS3/OS4/MOS

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DisplayInfo v1.1 OS3/OS4/MOS

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DisplayInfo: Applicazione utile che mostra le informazioni sulla Scheda Video, disponibile per OS3, OS4 e MOS:

DisplayInfo v1.1: Download

Note: DisplayInfo needs MUI 3.8 or newer.

DisplayInfo is a tool that shows all the information about available display modes that AmigaOS has. From technical standpoint, the data comes from invocation of GetDisplayInfoData system function (from grapics.library).

This includes:
- display info
- dimension info
- monitor info
- name info

The program also obtains the list of available modes and presents it in
a list view. The use can get information for each mode (by clicking on it
in the list) as well as present it for current display mode.

DisplayInfo runs on AmigaOS 2.x and 3.x, MorphOS (tested on 3.11) and AmigaOS4.
For each of these operating systems native version is provided.
In all the cases, DisplayInfo needs MUI 3.8 or newer.
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