NetSurf SDL v3.8 (Ottobre 2018)

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NetSurf SDL v3.8 (Ottobre 2018)

Messaggioda AMIGASYSTEM » lun ott 08, 2018 8:30 pm

Nuova versione di NetSurf OS3 by Artur Jarosik, noto Browser Amiga O3 capace di navigare su gran parte dei Siti Web anche https e di eseguire i video di Youtube (al momento solo nel formato 3GP)

Per aggiornare la versione RTG è sufficiente eseguire la vecchia versione e l'update averrà automaticamente, la versione AGA invece bisogna scaricarla manualmente da QUI

Per la versione AMMX (Vampire) anche in questo update non ci sono aggiornamenti o info su come aggiornare :(

Novità della versione 3.8 (Ottobre 2018):
Updated to newest sources.
* Updated libcurl to 7.61 and SSL Certificates bundle.
* Optimised AES encrypt/decrypt routines with asm by Tetsuya Isaki.
* Updated libjpeg from jfif-44.9 jpeg datatype by Henryk Richter.
* Compiled with FPU support. 040 FPU required.
* New user_agent option to set custom one (only in Options file atm).
* Added support for Italian special chars.
* Changed Get Page button to Open File.
* Fixed default download path.

Novità della versione 3.8:
* Updated to be compatible with latest LibCSS.
* Updated Duktape to version 2.3.0.
* Added support for new CSS units.
* Fixed resource cleanup in the backing store.
* Added support for CMYK/YCCK JPEGs.
* Replaced tables are now treated as blocks.
* Improved percentage max-width handling.
* Improved browser history handling to be more robust.
* Buildsystem dependency improvements.
* Improved handling of messages and bundled resources.
* Added support for HTTP Strict Transport Security.
* Enabled TLS session tickets.
* Restricted the HTTPS ciphersuites allowed.
* Reorganised source code for HTML and text handling.
* Improved plotter API consistency and completeness.
* Enabled front ends to get current URL with fragment IDs.
* Fixed rendering glitch in treeviews.
* Fixed dragging to current selection in treeviews.
* Allowed building with address sanitiser.
* Suppressed fetch poll logging.
* Suppressed logging of data: URLs.
* Refactored HTTP header processing in llcache.
* Revised front end API for HTTP authentication.
* Display application/json as text, instead of download.
* Fixed JavaScript related CSS crash.
* Hubbub library 0.3.5 (HTML parser):
+ Squashed leaks in tests.
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