iGame v2.0 beta 2

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iGame v2.0 beta 2

Messaggioda AMIGASYSTEM » lun set 24, 2018 1:02 pm


iGame Famoso Frontend per lanciare giochi WHDLoad in maniera semplice e veloce, ad ogni gioco può essere associato uno screenshot.

Video Trailer: iGame
iGame v2.0 beta 2: Download

Novità di iGame v2.0 beta 2:
- Fixed bug which caused the No GuiGfx checkmark in the Settings to fail triggering the Hook event
(and it didn't get saved in the prefs file).
- Fixed bug where the Genres contained an extra empty line, and were not recognized when loading/saving the Gameslist.

Novità di iGame v2 beta 1:
- Rewritten from the ground up
- Redesigned GUI, keeping the familiar look and feel
- Added new Settings window to control the application settings
- Added new features such as "Titles from Dirs", "Hide SidePanel", "Open/Save List" etc.
- Lots of internal code cleanup
- Improved error handling
- Improved keyboard navigation
- Added Translations support (using standard AmigaOS Catalog files)
- Fixed MorphOS target (not tested yet)
- Added AmigaOS4 target (not tested yet)
- Improved memory handling
- Lots of bugfixes
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Re: iGame v2.0 beta 2

Messaggioda cip060 » mar set 25, 2018 12:07 pm

A parte le nostre guerre personali su winuae
Volevo farlo partire in automatico all'accensione del cd32 ma se lo metto in wb startup mi da casini dove lo devo ffar partire ?
Da una startup sequence modificata facendo partire come ultimo comando al caricamento del sistema
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