WinUAE 3.6.0 Beta 13/14

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WinUAE 3.6.0 Beta 13/14

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WinUAE 3.6.0 Beta 14 (20 Dicembre 2017)

WinUAE 3.6.0 Beta 14 (64Bit) (20 Dicembre 2017)

Direct3D11 mode should be mostly complete now.

- D3D11: lower hardware levels are supported again. (broke in previous beta)
- D3D11: if Windows 7 and DXGI 1.1+ is not detected, show message that asks to install Platform Update (KB2670838). WinUAE requires DXGI 1.1. DXGI 1.0 won't be supported. (Confirmed on VM that Win7SP1 iso install + optional KB2670838 from Windows Update without installing any other updates is enough to use D3D11 mode)
- D3D9 low latency vsync was reverted to normal vsync if default.uae was missing or default.uae enabled D3D11 mode.
- D3D11 custom fx shader support implemented.
- D3D11 supports most existing D3D9 fx shaders by in-memory string renaming: technique -> technique10 and ps_2_0/ps_3_0 -> ps_4_0_level_9_3 and vs_2_0/vs_3_0 -> vs_4_0_level_9_3. For some reason D3D11 effect compiler ignores D3D9 technique format but nearly everything else is supported. D3DCompiler_46.dll or D3DCompiler_47.dll required.
- D3D9 and D3D11: if shader fx file does not have combineTechique but has at least one technique: automatically select first technique as combineTechique.
- D3D11 mode GUI D3D shader list is only shown if D3DCompiler_46.dll or D3DCompiler_47.dll is available.
- D3D11 in 16-bit mode but 16-bit not supported: switch to 32-bit instead of falling back to Direct3D 9.
- DirectDraw + UAERTG caused crash (earlier betas)
- Use 391078-01 CIA in A600 Quickstart. It seems most (all?) A600s have -01 revision, A1200/A4000 can have -01 or -02.
- If Direct3D 11 is selected as default, also select 32-bit as default depth.

D3D11 custom shader note: texture shaders (tx_1_0) are not implemented. D3D11 replacements for D3DXFillTextureTX()/D3DXFillCubeTextureTX()/D3DXFillVolumeTextureTX() D3D9X functions don't seem to exist. (But fx compiler supports "tx_1_0" shader target so perhaps they are hiding somewhere..)
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WinUAE 3.6.0 Beta 13

- Memory cycle exact CPU speed slider scale fixed. (0 is max)
- D3D11: monitor bezel overlays supported.
- D3D11: RGB mask wrong colors fixed. (RGB<>BGR)
- D3D11: fall back to D3D9 if 16-bit mode is selected but it is not supported. 16-bit is not required format in D3D11.
- D3D11: minimum supported hardware level is now 9.1 (was 10.0).
- Added Evesham Micros Reference SCSI controller emulation.
- Kupke Golem HD3000 autoboot disabled option did nothing.
- It was not possible to override Z2 RAM board autoconfig data if board had built-in manufacturer/product ID defaults (for example any Z2 HD controller with Z2 RAM)

Evesham Micros Reference:
- Basic 5380 based PIO controller.
- Fake DMA, byte wide data port.
- Driver has filesystem relocator but it seems to be broken, for example PFS3 crashes because all relocations point to invalid addresses.
- "Evesham.device (Kemputa1/Evesham drive 13Mar93)", "(c)1993 Kemputa Systems,Pen-y-Gwaith,Ysbyty Ystwyth,Ystrad Meurig,Dyfed. UK"
- It has strange fast RAM configuration, RAM can be disabled with a jumper but it only clears autoconfig "add to free list" bit. If you want to replicate this (board's custom memory test utility only runs in this mode), tick RAM panel edit autoconfig data and clear bit 5 of first byte (for example E4 -> C4)

WARNING: Partial but non-working D3D11 mode custom shader support is included. It will either cause errors during .fx parsing or shows blank screens. Don't try to use any .fx files yet.
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